Promoting safe motherhood: a story of the ACORD/UNFPA dignity kits in Nyumanzi Health Centre II, Adjumani District | ACORD Uganda

ACORD, with support from the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA), recruited six midwives who are stationed in five different health centers in the district. UNFPA supported ACORD to provide two beds and dignity kits for the mothers at Nyumanzi Health Centre II.
A dignity kit includes a bucket; washing soap; baby’s clothes; a t-shirt for the mother; one wrapper/kitenge; a pair of slippers and a mosquito net. The mothers also receive a reproductive health kit upon delivery that has bathing soap, two sheets (one for wrapping the baby immediately after birth and another for later use) and cord ligature. With these kits, the number of mothers delivering at the health centres has increased.

“Initially, the mothers here were very many, yet the mid wives were few,” said Sister Kiden Robinah, the ACORD/UNFPA midwife attached to Nyumanzi Health Centre II in Adjumani District. “However, there were still other mothers who preferred not to come to the deliver at the health centre. We, therefore, wanted to increase personnel to take care of the mothers and to increase the numbers of women delivering at the health centre.”

Sister Kiden says that since the introduction of the kits in May last year, the number of registered births increased to 93 deliveries but the number reduced to 47 in July when the kits ran out. She noted, however, that this has also posed challenges as there are only four midwives to do antenatal (ANC) deliveries and referrals, while the number of expectant mothers can be overwhelming.

“We receive mothers from Elegu, Ogolo and Arinyapi especially with the word spreading about the dignity kits at the health centre which continues to attract many,” added Sister Kiden. 

The mid wives also have a challenge with the language as they do not speak any Sudanese languages yet the majority of mothers do not speak English. However, they are working with interpreters to pass the intended communication to the mothers.

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