Building peace in North Uganda

Members of the communities of Atiak, Anaka, Omot,  Adilang, Ongako, Puranga, Palabek Kal, Lokung, Orom and Akwang sub-counties have signed ‘social contracts’ in an effort to bring lasting peace in North Uganda.

During the process, community members reflected on conflict in their communities and came up with action plans to promote peaceful coexistence between neighbouring communities. Some of the key issues identified by communities were land ownership disputes among communities, domestic violence, gender-based discrimination, poverty and child abuse. Social watch teams elected by the communities are following up the process to ensure compliance to commitments.

Community social contract

ACORD in Uganda is implementing the Community Social Peace and Recovery methodology since 2009. The process includes community dialogues aimed at analysing root causes of conflict, healing of emotional wounds and negotiating commitments for durable Peaceful and community recovery. While peace agreements are often negotiated at national level, the aim of the CSPR Model is to extend peace processes to the local (community) level. 

To sustain the discussions ACORD supported communities with small-scale peace projects which included opening of roads and roofing of school buildings while members discussed progress made through the implementation of the community social peace and recovery approach.

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