Over a 20-year period, conflicts in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Cote d'Ivoire have resulted in political instability and refugee movements in Forest Guinea, which were exacerbated by movements of internally displaced populations due to domestic problems. Repatriation of Liberian refugees has been completed, and camps have been closed. However, their long-term presence has contributed to infrastructural damage, environmental degradation and food insecurity.
The Government of Guinea puts a high priority on the situation in Forest Guinea. All actors recognise the importance of its stability for peace in the sub region, and ACORD works with local communities, partners and authorities to help the populations to return to normal through rebuilding sustainable livelihoods, consolidating peace and managing natural resources for long term food security.
Political instability remains high in Guinea and often hampers the delivery of programmes for all agencies. ACORD works in alliance with UN High Commission for Refugees.

Ongoing projects

Since 1985, ACORD has been implementing peacebuilding and food security programmes mainly in Forest Guinea.

>> Peacebuilding: this programme in Forest Guinea includes practical interventions and range from work to protect the rights of internally displaced people and refugees, to community participation, dialogue, capacity building, early warning systems, building of social contracts within communities, gender-sensitive programming and awareness raising. The targeted beneficiaries include: refugees, IDPs, orphans, widows, and the disabled who are primarily dependent on external food aid.

>> Food security: Guinea has a rich endowment of natural resources and underexploited fishing and agriculture sectors. Forest Guinea is at the centre of a growing conflict over natural resources and deforestation threatens food security and peace keeping. ACORD works with local communities and committees and local authorities to engage a process of concerted natural resources management with activities of reforestation and improved agricultural techniques.

>> Land rights and land grabbing: we are currently undertaking an important research on land grabbing by national and multinational corporations. In partnership with COPAGEN (Pan African organisation protecting the African genetic heritage), ACORD works with local communities and farmers' associations to raise awareness on the issue of GMOs and biosecurity laws. 

>> Women's rights: Women are increasingly conscious about their rights and responsibilities as a result of ACORD's sensitisation campaigns aimed at speaking out boldly on issues affecting them. They are more ready to be involved in regional and national socio-political processes. High registration numbers in census and elections among women also indicate their increased confidence in shaping the country's social and political destiny. In places like Bounouma and Balizia, women have demonstrated exceptional proactive attitudes towards improving their circumstances. They are always willing to be involved in activities that shape and improve their livelihoods and can serve as learning lessons for other regions.

Where we work in Guinea

ACORD is present in Guinea implementing its programmes in Macenta, Gueckedou, N'Zerekore and Yomou. N'Zerekore, located in the south-eastern corridor of the country, in a fertile agricultural zone and bread basket for the country and region at large. We also work in Haute-Guinée in 6 districts (Kankan).

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Communities in Guinea tell their stories

"Before this training, members of our community continued to engage in activities that fuelled conflict and malice out of ignorance of the consequences. Now things have changed. We are more enlightened about ways to prevent conflict, how to relate with our neighbours. We salute ACORD in Guinea for organising these peace-building meetings to bring communities together and say no to inter-community hostilities", says Ousmane, a participant in one of a series of peace-building and negotiation meetings held in Conakry.

Our partners in Guinea

Implementation of ACORD's programmes in Guinea takes into consideration the contributions from the Regional Council of the Civil Society Organisations in Forest Guinea and the local committees for reconciliation and prevention of conflict.

Our main local partner is ADAPE Guinée in Haute-Guinée.

Donor partners include UNHCR (programme for refugees in Forest Guinea: livelihods, social intergration and education), CCFD- Terre Solidaire (peace building programme), UNDP (through the Peace Building Fund for strengthening conflict resolution local mechanisms and early warning system, NED and the Dutch Government.

Photos, videos and publications

Publications relating to our work can be downloaded here.

ACORD Guinea programme overview: country facts, country priorities, our partners, ACORD in Guinea, project spotlight, 2016 impact in numbers, contact-us. 2-pages brief. July 2017
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Marching toward social justice in West Africa (DVD, 2011). Find out how marginalised and too often excluded communities in West Africa organize themselves and work towards upholding their fundamental rights, in particular their Right to Food.
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Photos of ACORD's work in Guinea can be sent upon request. Contact us by e-mail

How you can support communities in Guinea

Send donations to support projects that positively impact on the lives of the most vulnerable members of Macenta, Yomou, N'Zerekore and Gueckedou communities in Guinea. In-kind donations also directly translate into improved conditions among those affected by harmful conditions and often save lives.

Alternatively, volunteer your skills and expertise or join ACORD in any of our calls to action, sign our petitions or be part of ACORD's grassroots mobilisation activities. Your presence and participation count!

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