In the Sahel area in the North of Cameroon most people rely on lake Chad and its two main sources, the Chari and Logone rivers,  to irrigate their fields. In this area water levels are falling. There is not enough land, not enough water and  not enough food for people and animals. This situation leads to conflicts and migration. Moreover, cultural traditions strongly prevent women from playing a more active role in the local development.

ACORD Cameroon is working together with communities in this sensitive area to improve natural resource management with a peace building approach to help those populations achieve food sovereignty.

Ongoing projects

ACORD has been present in the Far North of Cameroon since 2005. Linked to its other work in the Sahel region, in particular in Chad that shares the lake resources, ACORD seeks to improve the livelihood of the pastoralist population through enhanced natural resources management and peace building within the communities. Particular attention is given to strengthen the capacities of women.

>> Peace building: ACORD facilitates participatory grass roots meetings with pastoralists, farmers, fisherfolks and local authorities to jointly agree on ways to share and sustain natural resources and to prevent conflicts.

>> Food sovereignty: ACORD provides the poorest households with agricultural inputs and small animals, and trains farmers and pastoralists on how to improve their production, deal with the drought season and improve their access to local markets.

>> Gender:
ACORD is supporting Common Interests Groups of women who have decided to engage in collective activities to improve their production systems and technical capacity through skills training.

Where we work in Cameroon

ACORD's programmes are being implemented in the Far North of Cameroon in the counties of Logone Birni, Waza and Zina. The Cameroon work is coordinated from Maroua.

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Our partners in Cameroon

ACORD works closely with community based organisations, local authorities and traditional local structures.

Donor partners in Cameroon include CCFD-Terre Solidaire and the Isle of Man Overseas Aid Committee.

How you can support communities in Cameroon

As climate change is increasing pressure on land in Northern Cameroon, supporting ACORD this year would make a real difference for communities struggling to achieve food sovereignty.

Make a donation now! For more information on our work in Cameroon please sign up to our newsletter, visit your nearest ACORD office or call us.

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    Portrait of Seid SultaneSeid Sultane, Director for ACORD in Chad and Cameroon