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November 2011 Newsletter

  Horn of Africa: Millions Facing Drought and Famine
In what has evolved into becoming one of the worst famines in decades, it is estimated that more than 11 million people from Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia continue to face starvation as a result of prolonged drought. Read more
  Putting Aid Effectiveness in the Spotlight
"To attain development effectiveness, we need to ensure that our approach in relation to aid is driven by our mandate to bring about social justice and rights-based development of social movements". Read more
  Lending Small-scale Farmers a Hand in Improving Farming Methods in Mozambique
Cross-learning and exchange has proven to be an effective way to generate new knowledge among farmers by replicating what has already been successfully applied elsewhere. Read more
  Working Together to Tackle Challenges in Agriculture in Africa
"Citizen-driven processes are ultimately the only viable route to any meaningful and sustainable change". - Pan Africa Policy Dialogue meeting on agriculture in Africa, Abuja, Nigeria.
Read more | conference communiqué
  Documentary Film Demonstrates Meaningful Participation by Communities in Ethiopia
ACORD's film "Iddirs Beyond Funeral" puts in the spotlight the transformations witnessed in community development in Ethiopia as a result of structured social mobilisation. Read more and watch film.
  Marching Towards Social Justice in West Africa
Follow the stories of people in Burkina Faso, Guinea, Mali and Mauritania and learn more about their efforts to uphold fundamental rights, in particular the right to food. Watch film
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