Media and stakeholders forum on Peace and Reconciliation and Recovery Model

ACORD Kenya organized a one day forum at The Sarova Panafric Hotel Nairobi which  brought together over thirty participants drawn from   media and National stakeholders with the objective of fostering sustainable peace in Kenya and  sensitizing them on the CPRR model. Coming after the just concluded general elections and in anticipation of the launch of the Truth Justice and reconciliation commission’s Report, ACORD Kenya programme recognized the need to develop a critical mass of peace actors in Kenya who understand conflict prevention, sustainable peace and reconciliation processes. 

The one day interactive forum brought the Bukusu, Teso and Sabaoti Elders who were key in the implementation of the Community Peace Recovery and Reconciliation Model that culminated in the signing of the Peace accord between the Borabu and Sotik communities that have been warring since independence to share their insights. The Community Peace Recovery and Reconciliation model is pegged on the fact that sustainable peace has to begin with and involves the people and the communities that have been affected by dispute. 

The objectives of the forum were:

-To establish a critical mass of  partners  who have a good understanding of what Community Peace Recovery and Reconciliation (CPRR) model process entails in terms of achieving sustainable peace and development.  
-To promote close collaboration between communities, stakeholders and media fraternity in the peace process
-Capacity building on the  the root causes and effects of the conflict as well as the role individuals, groups and the media have played in contributing to the conflict in which politics act as a catalyst .

The participants shared their views on sustainable peace and how to achieve the same. It was agreed that for Kenya to attain sustainable peace the root causes have to be addressed which majorly are the historical injustices that the truth justice and reconciliation Commission has been tasked to unearth.

It was further agreed that the media has an integral part to play towards peace, since it is the mirror against which the societal views are reflected. The role of the media in perpetuating violence after the 2007 elections was discussed vis a  vis the role it played in 2013 of preaching peace and urging the country to stay calm as we waited for the results to be tallied and the petition to be heard in court.
 On Left Photo Elders participating in the meeting

The highlights of the forum were: 

1. Each of us as individuals, Civil society and government have a role to play towards peace, The peace process must be ensure cooperation, integration ,social justice, compassion, truth and gender sensitivity. 
2. Technology especially social media can make or break peace and we therefore need to identify strategies on how to act within the social media spaces. 
3. The forum was a major success with the establishment of stronger relationships with the Judiciary which is the key actor towards legitimizing the Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms which CPRR advocates for and of which ACORD Kenya is pursuing with the Judicary 

Post the forum, we had participating organizations coming forward seeking to collaborate with ACORD towards expanding the scope of the CPRR model and mainstreaming it within their peace work

Download the Community Peace Recovery and Reconciliation model