Field Visits to Big Lottery Fund & IFAD projects in Kayanza Province, Burundi

Rango commune, Big Lottery Fund project site.

The APRR (Association for Peace and Reconciliation in Rango Commune) is one of ACORD’s local partners in Kayanza province, Burundi. The Association incorporates elements of capacity-building and  social contracts in order to resolve land conflicts and ethnic tensions that arise between Hutu, Tutsi and Batwa members of the community.

Daniel, Director of the APRR (Association for Peace and Reconciliation in Rango Commune)

Local community leaders in Rango

The APRR works to solve land conflicts, issues related to HIV/AIDS, SGBV and ethnic tensions in the Rango commune. It has been working on these issues in cooperation with ACORD since 2003.

The current focus of the APRR in Rango commune is ensuring that the upcoming elections in May 2015 will be as peaceful and transparent as possible.

IFAD Project : Mzarazamque Marsh, Rango, Kayanza

IFAD  (International Fund for Agricultural Development) funded project, implemented by ACORD in Mzarazamque Marsh in Kayanza province.  The 30 participants (22 women and 8 men) meet once a week for technical  training in modern and traditional rice cultivation techniques.

This is the first season that the rice crop is being introduced into the marsh. Four varieties are currently being tested and monitored weekly. Three new varieties and one local variety have been planted and whichever performs the best during the season will then be planted throughout the marsh.

IFAD and ACORD project: Cheese making in Mbuye commune

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