Think Piece on ACORD Reflection Day Bujumbura on Post 2015

ACORD has a strong emphasis on informing its programming through research, reflection and knowledge sharing. The organisation seeks to ensure that the decisions it makes on operations and its strategic direction are grounded in a strong analysis of the political, social and economic dimensions of a particular topic or issue. This involves taking a step back as an organisation and considering wider contexts, hearing divergent opinions, and challenging assumptions. Through this process of reflection and deliberation, the organisation tries to ensure that its work is attuned to the complexities and realities of the world in which it works, while remaining ambitious and focussed on meaningful change.

With the above in mind ACORD organised a reflection day On June 27th 2013 in Bujumbura, Burundi  on The High Level Panel Report on the Post 2015 development Framework.  In specific the topic of discussion was whether the report addressed inclusive growth for all. Among those who met included ACORD Senior Management Team (Senior and Middle Managers) and Country Directors. The Guest speakers include Dr. Alioune Sali Advisor to presdient Ellen Jonhnson Sirleaf on the Post-2015 agenda and Mr. Charles Abugre African Regional Director for the United Nations Millennium Campaign. 

To read the full outcome of the reflection day download the document.

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