The CSO Working Group

The Africa CSO Secretariat is not yet another heavy structure or organisation, but rather a facilitatory functional mechanism based on existing available resources on the continent, aiming to make the voices of African citizens heard at the highest level.
The creation of the African CSO Secretariat did not happen overnight and is the result of the unfailing joint efforts of civil society organisations working on the continent, led by Africa-led CSOs. The journey started early in 2012 and will not stop until we think the voices of African citizens have been heard and the new global development framework is aligned with their fundamental rights, and commitments met.

This think tank or 'working group' comprises - without being exclusive - ACORD, African Monitor, FEMNET, GCAP, Beyond 2015, Oxfam, Nigeria Network of NGOs, International Youth Council, Water Aid, PACJA, YOCAD, Abantu, Trust Africa, Helpage, ActionAid International, Plan International, Kendren, the Seed Institute, ATD Fourth World, Uganda National Forum, Poverty Reduction Forum Trust, Nigeria Delta Women, Women of Liberia's Peace Network, National Association of Nigerian Traders, Women's Coalition of Zimbabwe, just to mention a few.

This CSO working group regularly feedback to the broader African CSO group, made up of over 100 African CSOs working on the Post 2015 processes and representing a large portion of the African citizens. Numbers are growing and new CSOs are encouraged to join us and make the voices of the people they defend and serve heard.

Voice your ideas for Africa post 2015 now on Ask Africa Now, the official website of the Africa CSO secretariat - and upload your facts.

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