Key actors and partners

Peace Programme Partners

In Chad: ACORD Chad, APAD / REPPACT (Network for Peace and Citizenship Promotion in Chad), CSAPR (Moniroting Committee for National Peace and Reconciliation in Chad), GRAMPCCTC (Group of alternative research and oil project monitoring in Chad and Cameroon)
In Central African Republic: ACORD CAR, 
OCDH (Human Rights Central African Observatory)
In South Sudan: ACORD South Sudan

Introducing 2 of our partners in Chad

The CSAPR (Call for National Peace and Reconciliation in Chad) is on a mission to help build a sustainable peace in Chad. To do this, the CSAPR harnesses the voices and the positions of the civil society and defends the interests of the Chadian people in a political field monopolized for 30 years by political and military actors. The CSAPR is intended to be a counterBpower, bearing alternative proposals to end the crisis. The CSAPR includes more than a hundred organizations throughout the Chadian territory. It deals withi development organizations, youth and women's movements, Human Rights NGOs, unions, movements of churches... The CSAPR is coBordinated regionally through 16 focal points which play the role of focal points, leading debates and mobilization at the regional level.

The CSAPR conducts advocacy at national, regional and international level. It regularly publishes analysis on the political and security situation in the country and does not hesitate to challenge the strategies of the government and /or political parties. The CSAPR has strongly criticized the electoral route to peace in Chad and has defended its own proposals for political transition after the events of February 2008.
The CSAPR publishes research and hosts conferences, for example, a conference on "Peace and Security in Chad", another on the Libyan crisis "Alternation, revolts in the Arab world & Libyan crisis: which lessons for peace in Chad?"

APAD is an organization of volunteer men and women for the sustainable development of Chad. Its objectives are: 

• The promotion and support of associations, groups and youth cooperatives and women
• Animation of educational, formative, sportive and socioBcultural actions oriented on citizenship, peace, human rights, democracy and development
• Encourage the integration and solidarity of youth and women in rural and urban areas
• Partnership at national and international level

The association aims to strengthen the capacity of youth and women to better integrate themselves economically, socially and culturally in their environments and become potential actors of social change. . APAD was born in 1998 to contribute to the promotion of solidarity among young people of N'Djamena and fight against religious divides between young Christians and Muslims.
APAD conducts education, mentoring and social and cultural integration acitivities of young people from N'Djamena in order to strengthen their capacity to participate in the life of their neighborhoods. The emphasis is on ethnic and religious divides. For example, APAD organizes camps where young Muslims and Christians from different neighborhoods, traditionally differentiated by religion, spend time together, do activities in respect of each other, football tournaments (often sponsored by business leaders) but also cultural weeks where issues such as the fight against AIDS are treated by youth addressing messages to other young people through music.
APAD now supports the REPPACT network that runs a joint work between many youth associations of Christians or Muslims. REPPACT is an informal network which represents a framework for exchange, dialogue and a joint action that allows its members to promote a diverse and coherent response for peace building.
It has set as its primary mission of contributing to the promotion of peace and citizenship in Chad through six areas of intervention: : B Training on the culture of peace in schools and neighborhoods , B The reduction of violence in schools , B Reconciliation between young Muslims and Christians , B The promotion of interreligious dialogue , B The development of the associative fabric among young Muslims
Since 2010, APAD, initiated a project of civic education entitled: young workers of a new citizenship in Chad. Through this project, youth were mobilized in 19 cities of Chad to write a list of grievances of Chadian youth, which will be used as a means to advocate for the inclusion of the real needs of young people in Chadian public policy.

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