ACORD and CCFD-Terre Solidaire commit to sustainable peace

ACORD and CCFD - Terre Solidaire, largest French development NGO, have committed to working for sustainable peace in Chad, Central African Republic, Sudan and South Sudan through a 10-year comprehensive programme (2012-2022).  

Following a regional research on conflict conducted in 2011, a sub-regional peace building strategy focusing on Chad, Sudan, South Sudan and Central African Republic was designed in 2012 and implementation commenced in 2013.

For ACORD and CCFD-Terre Solidaire, building sustainable peace and reconciliation is fundamental to achieve social justice and development in Africa. For that to happen, short-term projects cannot work. Thus the two organizations and their partners have committed to working together for more than 10 years on peace-related issues in the four countries. It involves different issues ranging from joint natural resource management (land and water), identities (cultural, religious, and generational) and political governance (institutions, democracy and impartiality of the state).
The main approach being to support civil society empowerment, multi-stakeholder partnerships, cross-border and regional action, towards enhanced livelihoods and peaceful co-existence for the populations.

Having been partners since 1980 in 20 African countries, ACORD and CCFD-Terre Solidaire have now decided to support African civil societies in a sustainable manner, to address these challenges in four countries.
In December 2012, the two organizations signed a two-year 2013-2014 agreement worth euro320,000 to kick-start this unique programme - this amount comes on top of 2 million Euro already committed annually for projects and partners in these countries.

We call it a "Peace programme", but in reality it is a vision and a commitment that we would like to share with other development actors and people who care about international solidarity.

It is not a "programme" in the traditional sense but rather a compilation of actions, projects, studies, meetings, seminars and more typical programmes, that together would progressively respond to the key challenges we have identified as axes for the long-term intervention i.e. joint natural resource management, identities and political governance.

We will regularly update you on progress, sharing with you insightful analysis, testimonies, reports, research findings, photos and videos, and we welcome your feedback and contribution to make the ambitious objectives of this programme come true.

For sustainable peace!

Ousainou Ngum, Executive Director ACORD
Bernard Pinaud, Secretary General CCFD-Terre Solidaire