The most food insecure countries in Africa are frequently also the most conflict affected areas. The landscape of armed conflicts has changed from inter-state to increasingly internal conflict. Most of these internal conflicts are fought in the rural areas of the continent. The rural population has borne severe effects of internal conflicts especially mass violence, internal displacements, abductions, rape, torture and refugee movements.

ACORD's work on conflict and peacebuilding

ACORD works in the region worst affected by conflict. Because of the trans-border ethnic makeup, conflicts in Africa often have a regional dimension and are seldom confined to one country, thus further aggravating food insecurity in different regions simultaneously.

ACORD works to enable communities to address the underlying causes of violence and to build meaningful peace at a grassroots level.

Some examples of our work:

  • Promoting the community social contract methodology in Burundi, Kenya, Guinea and Uganda and extending its implementation to other countries

  • Photo: Traditional peace ceremony in Kenya

  • Supporting the socio-economic reintegration of child-headed households, youth, women and solders in conflict and post-conflict situations, such as Angola, Burundi, Chad, CAR, Guinea, Uganda, Sudan and Rwanda

  • Photo: Child-headed household in Rwanda

  • Challenging impunity for sexual and gender-based violence in conflict and post-conflict situations (DRC, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda)

  • Photo: Woman from DRC giving an SGBV testimony

  • Strengthening Congolese women's peacebuilding skills. Read more about the Goma regional workshop held in July 2013.

Peace resources

Community voices
Video, joining the people from the communities of Sotik and Borabu as they work through a peace-building process over a year following the outbreak of violence during disputed national elections in Kenya.

Community social peace and recovery model
Practical handbook on a peace-building methodology developed by ACORD through work in Burundi and Kenya. It is intended for communities and groups who have been torn apart by conflict and it promotes community-led mechanisms for finding durable solutions.
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Further resources

Peace team

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ACORD Conflict Thematic Manager

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