Action/2015 kicks off

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” - Martin Luther King

ACORD is excited to be involved in the launch of action/2015 ( action/2015 is a growing citizen’s movement of hundreds of organisations around the world coming together to demand truly ambitious agreements on poverty, inequality and climate change in 2015.

ACORD and partners work across Africa in grassroots communities every day, standing side-by-side with African citizens and, at the same time, active participants in policy-making processes, including the process of defining the post-2015 framework. ACORD believes that for a truly effective global framework, these two worlds must come together; the village hall and the political assembly must be as one. We see our role as that of amplifying the voices of African citizens in this crucial debate about the future of our world. Our niche as ACORD is our ability to bring the voices from the grassroots to global spaces and international discussions.

Enthusiasm marks launch of action/2015 in Kenya

 With this in mind, ACORD launched a series of citizen-driven workshops in 13 countries across the continent. We talked to over 4,600 African citizens. The idea has been to value their own perspectives on the issues that matter to them most and to carry their voices with us into the post-2015 process. The report  “Africa in 2030: Responsive states, empowered citizens” documents their own ideas and experiences and makes a set of bare minimum requirements for the framework to address them.

2015 is the year of two important United Nations summits that can shape the course of history. In September, a summit will be held that will identify a new framework to succeed  the Millennium Development Goals that will tackle poverty, inequality and environmental destruction. The other summit slated for December will set new climate action targets, a crucial step towards a safer planet.

ACORD Staff Aspirations for Action/2015

The commitments made in 2015 could result in:

  • an accelerated transition to 100 per cent renewable energy so that a safe climate and sustainable economy - with all its benefits for people and planet - is possible;
  • an end to the soaring levels of inequality and discrimination, which destroy the lives of many, especially women and girls;
  • an end to poverty in all its forms by securing development and economic systems that benefit everyone, not only the few;
  • securing a world in which everyone’s fundamental rights are met and realized, including access to nutritious food, clean water, essential services, and decent employment; and
  • a world where everyone can participate and hold their leaders accountable.

How action/2015 hopes to achieve change

World leaders know what to do to tackle poverty, climate change and inequality. It is not that they are lacking in policy ideas; it’s simply that they don’t feel sufficient pressure to take the necessary steps.

action/2015 is a movement that will ensure that when political leaders meet and define their positions in the agreements in 2015, they will feel the intense and unavoidable pressure of millions and millions of people and, as a result, leaders will be more likely to take decisive and ambitious action.

We will also build a bigger, stronger movement, equipping people everywhere with the strength and determination to hold leaders to account in the years to come.

Action/2015 launched in Uganda

What is at stake?

The world is off track for ending poverty, tackling inequality and avoiding dangerous climate change. It doesn’t have to be this way. We have the tools, knowledge and resources to fix some of our greatest challenges. Campaigning can be impactful. From campaigning on issues areas such as the right to access antiretroviral medications for treatment of HIV infection to childhood immunizations to protecting the ozone, we can make a difference when we come together. Creating the future we want needs increased campaign pressure from us, you and me, to get world leaders to make and keep their commitments for a better world.

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