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International day of the Girl Child 2014 in Mt. Elgon, Kenya

Community prepares to sign social contract Students, teachers and representatives of Parents Teacher Associations...

The Girl Child: Have we done enough? | International day of the Girl Child

October 11, 2014 marked the 3rd anniversary since the International day of the Girl...

Transitional justice in post-conflict societies takes centre stage at international conference

Transitional justice (TJ) has become a common term in Africa to describe how countries...

Radio calls to curb maternal mortality in Ngorongoro

IN an effort to combat clinical maternal and child mortality in remote parts of...

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Hear the Voices! Our last documentary on the post 2015 development agenda. Voices of ordinary heroes in Kenya who tell their stories and their views on what post 2015 should look like for them and their families. This video is being shown to many decision makers to influence the new development framework.