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Responsive states, Empowered citizens: ACORDís flagship report on the Post-2015 framework

In July 2014 the long, arduous and complex process to define a new global...

Community meeting improves the life of woman living with HIV

Tarapkwe Juliet is a member of Pakele Women’s Association (P.A.W.A.) in Ataabo, a parish...

Rape victims should be paid reparations

People wait for the beginning of the trial of a suspect in a brutal...

Building a new social contract between governments and its citizens

How can the post-2015 development finance agenda deliver for citizens in developing countries? ACORD's...

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Hear the Voices! Our last documentary on the post 2015 development agenda. Voices of ordinary heroes in Kenya who tell their stories and their views on what post 2015 should look like for them and their families. This video is being shown to many decision makers to influence the new development framework.